Registration And Downloads

Point to Remember * :
  • You need at least 1 LIC policy to create customer login
  • The date of birth details are to be filled which are on policy document
  • Password should be 8 digit with at least one numeric character
  • Use your personal email address (avoid company email address)
  • Keep the login and password noted in your record


  • Login to or
  • Click to New User
  • Fill up details: Policy No, installment premium, date of birth, email address
  • After filling up basic information go to: Update Profile
  • Update Profile: Fill up full details along with family members, this is needed if you want to add their policy in tour Customer Login
  • For adding your family member’s policy numbers, first update their details in profile
  • Only spouse and children can be accommodated with you.
  • Click to married option in marital status then only family details can be added
  • After that go to enroll policy numbers
  • Add all policy numbers.
  • Online Payment Procedure